Wondercon 2023 – Cosplay Music Video

WonderCon 2023, at the Anaheim Convention Center was an amazing cosplay convention with some really great costumes and creativity, thanks everyone for participating

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photos at www.justincosplay.com
Music – https://artlist.io/Justin-140695

Thumbnail cosplayers –
Ironman – frankly_built
PoisionIvy – graciethecosplaylass
Scorpion – deadpouch

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38 thoughts on “Wondercon 2023 – Cosplay Music Video

  1. Aside from the work these people put into the costumes, I love how well rehearsed they are in portraying the characters. The poses they strike are super pro looking.

  2. Hi Justin! You should REALLY come to Awesome Con in Maryland- coming up on June 16-18th. All of our cosplayers has some SERIOUS artistic cosplay talent and really bring it to life!

  3. Gotta love that women sexualize male characters AND make the females even more sexualized. Yet men have to rely on actual accuracy and perfectly faithful representations of the characters. Looks like (•)(•) are still considered the biggest talent in cosplay.