We made a realistic SCREAM Animatronic!

Jaimie and Jay create a life-like Ghostface animatronic from Scream using Spirit Halloween’s “The Hauntress”!

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We’re HUGE fans of the Scream movies. Ghostface is such an iconic character and we really wanted him to be in our home haunt. He’s known for great jump scares, so for this project we used The Hauntress from Spirit Halloween as our base. She’s an amazing Halloween animatronic that is designed to hide behind a wall and “jump” out at unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Scream 6 recently came out and the Ghost Face mask featured in the marketing has a really cool aged look with cracks and dirt on it. To do our Scream 6 mask repaint, we bought a Funworld Scream mask, sculpted on some cracks and damage with Apoxy sculpt, gave it some texture, and then painted the rest with acrylic paints. Special shout-out to Cosplay Chris and Insane Lee Creating. They both have AMAZING Scream 6 mask makeover videos and their techniques helped a ton with this project.

We’re so happy with how our Spirit Halloween animatronic makeover turned out and we can’t wait to see the new Scream movie! If you want to learn how to make animatronic monsters, upgrade your Spirit Halloween/Home Depot/Lowes animatronics, or just watch some awesome Halloween DIY tutorials, please consider checking out some of our other Spooky DIY videos. And until next time, Stay Wicked!

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20 thoughts on “We made a realistic SCREAM Animatronic!

  1. I would definitely buy that animatronic, like im a HUGE fan of all the scream movies, you guys did incredible work !! I love your videos but this one will be one of my favourites.

  2. Pretty cool. I'm sure i'm in the minority when I say I prefer Roger L. Jackson's newer voice since Scream 4 for ghostface… It sounds creepier to me… Scream 1-3's voices were fine but I think it sounded too juvenile…

  3. I don't think we have a noodle fingers monster, buuuttt what we do have is Salad Fingers!
    Anyways, I just discovered your channel and just have to say that you guys are SO awesome. Keep on creating <3

  4. At my uncle's 2022 halloween birthday, at the door he had a ghost face with a devil mask that goes like that screams and I literally didn't want to pass the door ever but after like 2 hours, I got used to everything except that