The BEST 3D Printers for Big Cosplay and Prop Making 2023!

So you’re trying to break into the Cosplay and Prop scene! But how do you choose with so many printers on the market! In this video I’ll be covering some of the best printers I’ve used for making large cosplay and prop parts, Some of the features that make them special and what to look for!

Remember this video is subjective and I can only go off oy my own experience however I have personally used all of these printers myself over the course of many projects! Hopefully my insight can help!

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SOVOL SV01 Pro –
Elegoo Neptune 3 PLUS –
Ender-3 MAX NEO –
Elegoo Neptune 3 MAX –
Anycubic Kobra MAX –

0:00 – Intro
1:16 – The Focus
1:57 – Sovol SV01 PRO
3:10 – Elegoo Neptune 3 PLUS
5:09 – Creality Ender-3 MAX NEO
6:50 – Elegoo Neptune 3 MAX
7:19 – Creality CR-10 MAX
11:04 – Creality CR-30
14:38 – Closing Thoughts
16:06 – Outro
16:32 – Blooper

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Disclaimer- This video is NOT sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above or throughout this video. Honesty is very important to me and my channel- all thoughts and opinions mentioned are my own. The links provided above are affiliate links. Affiliate links allow me to make a small commission from purchases made on my recommendations, with no additional cost to the customer!
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33 thoughts on “The BEST 3D Printers for Big Cosplay and Prop Making 2023!

  1. Amigo soy de chile excelente tus vídeos ,tengo una consulta has probado la flsun v 400 está impresora sirve para hacer armaduras.espero tu respuesta y sigue así.

  2. would u say the Neptune 3 pro is a good starter printer ,been wanting to get into this hobby for a while now wanting to start small but then get into destiny 2 gun and other weapon models

  3. I’m an EVA foam builder but would love to get into 3d printing as well to complement the foam armour like details I just cannot build by hand so I’ve looked into resin printers due to its detail but I’ve got a low budget

  4. you mention the neptune plus being good printer to get into cosplay (but hard to find) what about the Anycubic Kobra plus? it's a little smaller (300x300x350), I have a couple printers already but want to get into making helmets and would prefer not not have to slice them up to make them fit so was planning on my third printer with bigger volume but not crazy size like the max ones.

  5. We are currently operating ender 3 in our lab and now we are planning to buy new printer i watched couples of video but still confused
    Elegoo naptun 3 max or
    CR 10S PRO V2 OR
    CR 10 smart
    Can anyone help me?

  6. always a great video where can I go for help I have a creality ender 3 pro. I have problems with adhesion and bed leveling I think? I assume that I level the bed correctly with the paper technique but i think i upgraded my machine without really knowing what i was doing just following the trends. I installed the newer motherboard, a Bl touch to auto level the bed. new springs under the build plate. I have tried everything with no sucesss at this point i feel like i am throwing money at the wrong issues. i am also about ready to remove everything and rebuild it from stock and see if that fixes the issue. any advice would help

  7. Hi i have a question, so i have magnetic bead for my Ender 3 and i cant get the brim of or Like the thinn layers and i cant Go so hy Up with the Heat to remove These because of the magnetic bead.
    do you have any Tips.
    Love your vids👍

  8. Creality is bad news if you need ANY support. They are based out of China and many people say it is hell to get help through them. They sent me 11 pieces in my new machine order and didn’t send my machine. Would never go through them again.

  9. Parabéns, este vídeo é uma grande ajuda para quem quer começar na Saga das impressões 3D. Especialmente estes fatos Cosplay magníficos que tens no fundo da sala. Além dessas impressoras era muito importante a reciclagem do material de suporte das peças e peças que ficam defeituosas e com isso criar novo filamento com estes desperdícios. Para beneficio de todos nós e do Ambiente. 😉