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With over 300 million units sold worldwide, Super Mario™ is the best-selling video game franchise of all time! In 2011’s Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, the symbiote costume is buyable and wearable but is dubbed the “Black Suit”. Shuri is also more warlike than her brother, and the costume highlights this by adding a spear to her ensemble. In 2001’s Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro, the symbiote costume is still unlockable with the same abilities as before. As late as 1986, Iranian diplomats still travelled in Europe to buy active charcoal and models of filters to produce defensive gear domestically. The first effective filtering activated charcoal gas mask in the world was invented in 1915 by Russian chemist Nikolay Zelinsky. This mask was later used widely in industry. The main improvement was replacing the separate filter canister connected with a hose by an easily replaceable filter canister screwed on the side of the gas mask. In April 1988, Iran started domestic production of gas masks by the Iran Yasa factories. Gates, Henry Louis Jr.; Higginbotham, Evelyn Brooks (April 29, 2004). African American Lives. The Environment and Its Effect Upon Man: Symposium Held at Harvard School of Public Health, August 24-August 29, 1936, as Part of Harvard University Tercentenary Celebration, 1636-1936. Harvard School of Public Health.

Shocker relentlessly kept attacking Spider-Man, smashing him through school buses. However, for agents that cause harm through contact or penetration of the skin, such as blister agent or nerve agent, a gas mask alone is not sufficient protection, and full protective clothing must be worn in addition to protect from contact with the atmosphere. Gas mask development since has mirrored the development of chemical agents in warfare, filling the need to protect against ever more deadly threats, biological weapons, and radioactive dust in the nuclear era. Also in World War I, since dogs were frequently used on the front lines, a special type of gas mask was developed that dogs were trained to wear. It was made of plastic and rubber-like material that greatly reduced the weight and bulk compared to World War I gas masks, and fitted the user’s face more snugly and comfortably. Other gas masks were developed during World War I and the time following for horses in the various mounted units that operated near the front lines. These waste materials were collected from the public in recycling programs to assist the war effort. Most military gas masks are designed to be capable of protecting against all NBC agents, but they can have filter canisters proof against those agents (heavier) or only against riot control agents and smoke (lighter and often used for training purposes).

There are lightweight masks solely for protection against riot-control agents and not for NBC situations. During the Cold War, it was seen as inevitable that there would be a constant NBC threat on the battlefield and so troops needed protection in which they could remain fully functional; thus, protective gear and especially gas masks have evolved to incorporate innovations in terms of increasing user comfort and compatibility with other equipment (from drinking devices to artificial respiration tubes, to communications systems etc.). There is that part that makes it come alive. Chuah, B.K.C. Ong (2006). “Headaches and the N95 face-mask amongst healthcare providers”. Goon, Yung-Hian Leow, Chee-Leok Goh (2006). “Adverse skin reactions to personal protective equipment against severe acute respiratory syndrome – a descriptive study in Singapore”. We haven’t heard much about Gyllenhaal’s upcoming turn as the illusion-casting villain, but the actor just posted a video capturing his shock upon learning he wasn’t hired to play Spider-Man. His hiring continues Marvel’s trend of given unproven tentpole directors a chance,, much like they did with Joss Whedon and James Gunn.

Although thorough training and the availability of gas masks and other protective equipment can nullify the casualty-causing effects of an attack by chemical agents, troops who are forced to operate in full protective gear are less efficient in completing tasks, tire easily, and may be affected psychologically by the threat of attack by those weapons. For reasons of civil defence and personal protection, individuals often buy gas masks since they believe that they protect against the harmful effects of an attack with nuclear, biological, or chemical (NBC) agents, which is only partially true, as gas masks protect only against respiratory absorption. In 1984, Iran received gas masks from the Republic of Korea and East Germany, but the Korean masks were not suited for the faces of non-East Asian people, the filter lasted for only 15 minutes, and the 5,000 masks bought from East Germany proved to be not gas masks but spray-painting goggles. In America, thousands of gas masks were produced for American as well as Allied troops. American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition, May 10-15, 2003. Dallas, Texas: American Industrial Hygiene Association.