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And for what’s essentially just a family film set in 1930s London, there really are a lot of beautiful costume details. They feature gold fabric, frilly ruffles, coordinating bows, and lace-up accents, basically all the details needed to form a beautiful women’s fairytale costume. The best-known actor to play Tarzan was a 5-time Olympic swimming gold medalist. All of our doll costumes are perfect for those who love to play dress-up because they feature flared skirts, polka dot prints, and funky colored wigs. These storybook costumes for kids are perfect for little ones who enjoy being lulled to sleep with a good bedtime story, which ends happily of course. The magical island is occupied by all kinds of residents, from mermaids and fairies to pirates and Lost Boys, so of course kids want to experience all the excitement this magical island has to offer. However, rambunctious kids might have more fun by dressing in a Thing 1 or Thing 2 costume. If you’re a fan of the hot breakfast dish and you also have a proclivity for testing out beds that don’t belong to you, then you’ll love our collection of Goldilocks costumes. He’ll love using his pirate hook accessory to indicate where to fill his Halloween treat bag.

However, if your son is more prone to living “the pirate’s life”, then donning a Captain Hook costume would be more appropriate. What’s sad, however, is that he says, “Hey, Johnny, what’s up?” and goes to give him a high-five. No matter what you’re looking for-best-friend costumes, sibling costumes, or family Halloween costumes-you’re bound to find it here. Looking to feel like a true race car driver this Halloween? Now your daughter can dress up to look like her favorite doll, and we can guarantee she’ll love her new toy-inspired look. Both boys and girls will love wearing the soft cat jumpsuit with the attached bow tie and the coordinating red and white striped top hat. If you have a little one who loves to read and rhyme, then these Cat in the Hat costumes are guaranteed to supply them with the best time. From Raggedy Ann costumes to Elf of the Shelf costumes, your little one will have a blast looking like the plaything that she admires most.

Dress her little brother in this soft and warm child sheep costume to pair with your daughter’s Little Bo Peep costume! But early movie costume designers decided to dress him in a loincloth of fur, as they imagined any primitive human might wear. If you have seen a movie or TV version of Tarzan, you’ve probably also imagined swinging through the jungle on vines, as he did. Between sheltering-in-place guidelines and at-home boredom, many of us have done quite a bit of online shopping this year. Have your bestie wear a sexy bear costume and you two will form the most adorable storybook duo! Chances are your son or daughter learned how to read thanks to Dr. Seuss’ popular series of children books, so these storybook costume ideas can make their favorite literary characters spring to life. Sit down with your child and browse over these storybook costumes for kids until your little prince or princess sees the costume that grants them the most enchanting and (candy-filled) Halloween. All of our Little Bo Peep costumes feature girly pastel colors, vintage style bonnets, and dainty frills and ruffles.

These adult fairy costumes feature feminine tulle, sparkling sequins, and elegant lace. If your little girl loves nursery rhymes, fluffy animals, and fancy dresses, then she’ll love our selection of Little Bo Peep costumes. Ladies who love glitzy ensembles will have a ball slipping into the glamorous gown of their choosing. If you were wondering, I have NOT washed it yet (meaning it came directly to me like this). In fact, if this wasn’t a musical, Blunt would be fantastic because she’s a more of the snarky-sharp nanny character like Travers wrote in the books than Andrews’ spoonful of sugar. The character of Tarzan has been popular and enduring. The Tarzan stories were set in the late 19th century; 1888 to be exact, not in prehistory. At worst, many modern readers would consider that world-view racist, sexist, even “species-ist.” Edgar Rice Burroughs describes his creation as “the embodiment of physical perfection and giant strength.” The “noble savage” Tarzan is superior to the apes because he is human; he is superior to African tribesmen because he is white. They reflect the prevailing world-view of their day.