REAL Tamataki & Chamataki Costume Real Life #shorts

This is the real Tamataki & Chamataki Costume and cosplay from The Garten of Ban Ban 3 in real life. This DIY cosplay costume was made with Blue material just like the real 2 headed monster from the Garten of Ban Ban 3. Tamataki & Chamataki are a chameleon and tortoise combined character from the Garten of Ban Ban. This is one of the Boss Fights that you have to complete in the Garten of Ban Ban 3. They throw spit balls Tamataki spits cyan balls from his mouth and Chamataki spits out his giant tongue. You have to doge the balls and tongues.
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Takerlama The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sam Wilson Cosplay Costume Adult Kids

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sam Wilson Cosplay Costume Adult Kids is composed of a realistic 3D print jumpsuit. If you have any problem about other costume of this character, contact us via
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Full “The Silence”, Psycho Cosplay Costume

Welcome to my TikTok’s. They will be posted on my YouTube channel as well. If you can’t watch them on Tiktok, you can watch them here. Follow me on Tiktok if you do have one and leave a comment below of what you think of each video.Popular cosplay costume shop recommendation: HMCosplay. ^_^

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BEACH BARBIE! (making Margot Robbie’s costume from Barbie the Movie 2023)

Hey friends! I hope you enjoy my latest Barbie the Movie cosplay, this was so fun to make and I love how it came out. Stay tuned for the next costume using this same fabric, the “Perfect Day” longer version. Can’t wait to see what other Barbie looks Margot Robbie will be wearing in the upcoming movie!

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Takerlama M3GAN AI Doll Cosplay Costumes

Buy Kids Adult M3GAN AI Doll Cosplay Costumes and transform yourself into AI Doll Megan. The creen accurate design make your cosplay more realistic.
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Just Quit Cosplaying- It’s So Stupid! #cosplay #gaming #anime

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Sewing a Genshin Jacket Pt2! #cosplay #sewing

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The white base of my Yelan jacket it done! How do you like my fabric choices? Really want to make this costume super pretty! Super excited to add all the details now!

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