Transworld HALLOWEEN Party Show and Haunt Convention Highlights

Transworld Halloween party show and haunt convention highlight video featuring scary cool animatronics, SFX makeup, costumes, props, masks, and more from the Transworld Haa trade show. This video highlights horror animatronics, Halloween props, SFX makeup, costumes, art, puppets, decorations, and much more.

Transworld Halloween and Attractions Show and Convention This trade show walk thru features many Halloween and haunt industry businesses that make monsters, animatronics, props, mask, costumes, and much more. It is a haunt convention, it is a horror convention, it is so much more, it’s Transworld! Cosplay lovers will also find this interesting! Filmed and edited by Halloween Eye.

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this is what really happens at conventions, lovable chaos! P.S I’m coming back to YouTube FOREAL this Friday!

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