DIY Garten of Ban Ban In REAL LIFE BAN BAN Costume & Ban Baleena

Hi guys! in this video I make 2 costumes from the Garten of Ban Ban 2. The new Garten of Ban Ban 2 game has Ban Ban and Ban Baleena. These two characters in the game were the perfect match to make cosplays out of. I first made Ban Ban the red creature. Ban Ban is red with horns, then I made Ban Baleena the teacher from the Garten of Ban Ban. This garten of Ban Ban diy project costume is easy to make. You can use thse costumes to play the Garten of Ban Ban in real life and for real life Garten Of Ban Ban.we even show you a bit of the garten of Ban Ban origin story how he met Ban Baleena. Thanks for watching, like and comment and subscribe!
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