Deku Switches Costumes with Bakugo for Class 1-A’s Disguise Training

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Deku and Bakugo couldn’t be more different sometimes, but during some special training where Class 1-A is being taught how to use disguises, we see Midnight asking the class to pretend to be another one of their classmates, and at this time Deku ends up having to pretend HE’S bakugo, leading to Deku wearing Bakugo’s full Hero Costume as he walks up to the class and they ask him to do an impression, not realizing that behind them stands a bloodlusted Bakugo who gives off an aura that screams BE CAREFUL. Bakugo gets angry at Deku’s impression of him, but when it’s Iida’s turn to choose a person to disguise himself as he chooses Deku, and even though he wears the costume he doesn’t quite fit as a passable Deku, for some reason getting Bakugo really angry as he fixes Iida’s wig and paints on Deku’s trademark freckles, allowing Iida to finally pass the disguise test, but when it comes time for Bakugo to dress up as Iida, he throws a fit and absolutely refuses.

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Video Title: Deku Switches Costumes with Bakugo for Class 1-A’s Disguise Training

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