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When MCU May asked him who was in control of him, Norman, in a panic, told her that he doesn’t know what’s going with him, but calmed down. Though that was to the appeal of the film and Garfield€™s character in the first flick – he being a teenager who hadn€™t exactly specialised in fashion design – an update to something a little sleeker was certainly due. Subsequently, Norman appears in a hallucination in a mirror to Harry, demanding him to seek vengeance against Peter in a similar fashion to how King Hamlet haunted his son to avenge him in Shakespeare’s play. Two years after the Green Goblin’s reign of terror over New York ended, Norman’s death still haunts both Peter and Harry, as Harry starts to feel that Peter is being selfish by not telling him who is Spider-Man despite that Peter often takes photographs of him for The Daily Bugle.

Spiderman then starts punching him, but stops after Norman pleads him to stop and takes off his Green Goblin helmet to reveal himself. He subsequently drops his father’s vendetta, then aids Peter against The Sandman and Venom at the cost of his own life. Peter is shocked to learn that the evil Green Goblin is Norman. This time Harry acts on his father’s words and dons the Oscorp gear and glider as “The New Goblin” and attacks Peter, but is knocked out and suffers from immediate memory loss, forgetting his promise to Norman for revenge. Peter is wearing the red and black suit at the time since he just finished taking Michelle for a swing. Doctor Octopus does so and Harry gives him the tritium before preparing to kill Spider-Man with a dagger, but first chooses to see his face and reacts in horror when he realizes that Peter Parker is behind the mask. Scared and had enough of the Green Goblin, Norman smashed his mask and ran away while his alter ego laughed.

Shortly after escaping the Green Goblin, Norman found an ad of Spider-Man for F.E.A.S.T. After the MCU Spider-Man arrived, Norman met that universe Peter Parker as May introduced her nephew to him. Peter Parker, as he wondered into the building. After being explained that he was in another universe and feeling he can trust this one version of Peter Parker, Norman realized that the multiverse exists and goes with him to the New York Sanctum as MCU May drops them off. Horrified that Peter killed his dad, but knowing that Mary Jane’s safety is more important, Harry lets Peter go by telling him where Doctor Octopus was hiding. Realizing that he can cause more chaos in the new universe than he ever could in his own world, the Green Goblin decided to conquer the MCU universe. However, hearing his alternate identity’s intentions and realizing how truly evil he was, Norman decided to turn against the Green Goblin and retreated to an alleyway in order to get rid of his glider so he wouldn’t cause further destruction. Norman begged the Green Goblin to leave him alone, but his alter ego told him that he was hiding from who he truly was, and he can’t escape himself.

The “Schmeisser” principal weapon of Wehrmacht: The MP40 Maschinenpistole was known universally but inaccurately as the “Schmeisser” after weapons designer Hugo Schmeisser, who did not design this submachine gun. Joe Ronaldson was the kind of man who saw the big picture. Spiderman uses his web to swing, grab Goblin and throw him against a wall. When he tries to throw a Pumpkin Bomb at Peter as he’s walking away but Peter dodges and deflect it back at Harry. At his father’s funeral, he vows revenge and thanks Peter for being such a great friend. Enraged, Harry broke the mirror, revealing the secret Goblin lair, and therefore his father’s true identity. He returns the Goblin gear back to Norman’s secret lair. Unfortunately, the Green Goblin caught on to Norman’s intentions as he taunted him and called him a coward then told him that they have a new world to conquer. Unfortunately, the Green Goblin lost his control on Norman when he reclaimed control of his body and mind from his alter ego. Spider-Man takes Norman’s body back to his penthouse apartment.