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Though most of us probably don’t rock plaid mini skirts and over-the-knee socks these days, it’s impossible to deny that ’90s movie fashion was on point. Start with four (4) American Apparel plaid tennis skirts, one for each girl. While the hallway sequence is one of the more recognizable moments from the video, there’s also a pretty great scene that involves snakes. As Fletcher and Raymond have a fair share of interactions throughout their time together in The Gentlemen, the contrast of Hugh Grant’s morally compromised character and Charlie Hunnam’s more upstanding associate is drawn at a regular interval throughout the film’s action. Hugh Grant’s character was great fun to dress – modeled himself on the great film directors of the 1970s, but interpreted with a lecherous, creepy vibe that Hugh loved! But it was also a lovely give and take with the neighborhood, in that we might be waiting in line to pay for the clothes and someone would walk past and completely inspire an ensemble for another character. Grab your pom poms and practice your high kicks to pay homage to Chrissy Cunningham (R.I.P.) in this Hawkins High cheerleader costume. This next costume is inspired by the fake German heiress who schmoozed her way into New York’s high society.

Other key elements of this look are the super high ponytail (obviously), white platform heels and stunning ‘90s-inspired matte makeup. Are you a Kendall, Shiv or Roman? The clothes are clothes people today still wear. Ain and Binz visit his gravestone that has his Battle Smasher arm wrapped around the cross, still with the fist imprint on where Luffy struck it. Your gigantic cake-topper tulle skirt may not be couture, but it can still be fabulous! You can wear cowboy boots and a pretty dress for Fearless, all-red (plus red lipstick !) for Red, serve a retro vintage vibe for 1989 or go edgy with black-on-black for Reputation… Recreate this look for Halloween by getting a black and white jacket, a pair of black boots and a red statement purse. Recreate this look with a silver fringe jacket and a pair of holographic pants that’ll make you the center of attention. Throw on a pair of linen pants and pull on your coziest sweater .

If suits feel a little over-the-top, try going for a pair of white jeans with a shiny blouse. According to Variety, searches for white Vans (aka, the shoes each of the players wear) have risen by 7,800% since the show aired. Sometimes, we catch ourselves wondering whether or not Kate Winslet is actually a time-traveler sent here from the 1950s. It would make sense since she seems to look flawless whenever she has to wear ‘50s-inspired costumes in her movies. It had spooks, a stellar cast and was just one of those movies that was insanely fun to watch again and again. Or, honestly, any member of the cast. He has a simpled layered look, but with more colors, which seems to be the general design idea for the elfin region. All you need is the latex gloves -of course, but you could also totally rock her messy-haired-plaid-skirt look, too! You just need your Harry in a gray suit, a dress that resembles Meghan’s, a faux baby bump (or the real deal, if you’re expecting), oh-and an Oprah, of course! Oh-and carry a water bottle (or two) because of IYKYK. We’ll keep it quick: Gucci, Gucci and more Gucci.

He’s one of the more impulsive of team members, ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice. Plus, no one made wearing a white undershirt during the winter look so utterly rebellious. It’s not because he wears flashy designer logos; it’s because he rocks the humble plain white tee , a blue apron , messy hair and tattoos. Either way, I’m pretty sure he’s/she’s a serial killer, and the blue ski mask person will forever haunt my dreams. Draw on a mask with some face paint or snag one from Five Below. It’s inspired by Selina Kyle’s suit in The Batman and comes with the belt and mask. The three-piece set comes with the shirt, belt and long red cape. The spooky festival of the year is around the corner with people all over the globe set to celebrate Halloween on October 31 just before the All Saint’s Day.