Svarog Break into Cosplay Show EP1 |honkaistarrail|Svarog|Mecha|clara|cosplay|reallife|reaction|

It’s Insanely real Svarog Cosplay!If you are a fan of mecha cosplay, this video is also fit for you.
This video is uploaded by a chinese fan named 魔改老K, he hand-made Svarog model, if you like the video, do remember to click the link below and give ur like!

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47 thoughts on “Svarog Break into Cosplay Show EP1 |honkaistarrail|Svarog|Mecha|clara|cosplay|reallife|reaction|

  1. Imagine our daddy Svarog losing his mind when he comes home and see Clara multiplied like that 😂

    P.S: I played for Kafka, I stayed for Svarog 😂