Spirit Halloween Chrome Ghost Face knife! The best Scream cosplay prop you can get?

This knife really made waves when it was released and I can absolutely see why. The value for money is incredible but how does it stack up against other previous ghostface weapon offerings?

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22 thoughts on “Spirit Halloween Chrome Ghost Face knife! The best Scream cosplay prop you can get?

  1. Solid video man you’ve got a good channel here 👍I’ll have to give you a sub didn’t even know you were out there. There are so many of us trying to do fun horror videos out there and so many that I still don’t know about but glad I found another one lol.
    By the way sweet you got Douglas to comment he’s like the scream king been following him for a while but it’s hard to communicate with him he’s so popular, that’s bad ass dude. I totally agree these knives are definitely one of the best upgrades to the Ghostface Cosplay community we’ve seen. I bought a couple of them last year as well when they dropped. Although they are a little bit on the big side they are a fantastic prop. One thing is that shitty Ghostface Knife that looks nothing like a buck 120 has been around for over two decades actually so it took a lot longer to get a good one than a decade.
    Great vid and new sub sir 👍

  2. Damn those first knives looked awful!
    I can't get access to Spirit Halloween in UK which is annoying, I saw videos and they looked like they had a lot of good stuff this year.
    I'll have to buy off a scalper for 5x the price if i want one, yikes.

    Thanks for the video!

  3. Thank you for another top notch video. I can tell you put a lot of work into your personal presentation. Very thoughtful, fun, and engaging. I could see you interviewing celebrities or emceeing an event at a horror convention one day (if that’s something that interests you). ❤️🍸🎬🔪