Spider-Man’s most OVERPOWERED suit? #shorts

Did you know the Velocity suit from Spider-Man PS4 may be the most broken Spider-Man suit ever? How and why did Peter Parker build the armored Velocity Suit seen in the Spider-Man Remastered video game? Find out here!

Title: Spider-Mans most OVERPOWERED suit?

#spiderman #spidermanpc #shorts

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20 thoughts on “Spider-Man’s most OVERPOWERED suit? #shorts

  1. So you mean to tell me that this guy can catch up on miles if he wants to? Wow this guy is literally holding back in the Across the spider verse

  2. Everyone mentions how Batman is smart because he makes suits to beat OP characters like darkside

    But no one mentions how smart Peter Parker is, if he had the resources of Bruce Wayne he'd be much more powerful