Some of my costumes #fursuit #fursuitmaker #costume #cosplay #furry

I made these costumes myself, check out my channel to know how I did it. And consider subscribe.
Make sure to check my other sites in case you have questions about commissions, materials/tools, etc.

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45 thoughts on “Some of my costumes #fursuit #fursuitmaker #costume #cosplay #furry

  1. I really want to know how you made layer 1 of the face, rubber? Howd you shape it perfectly like the skull? How long did it take to make and what materials are used? And lots more of questions

  2. i literally LOVE all the fursuits you make, they all end up looking AMAZING you are so good at making fursuits and i really love your content, i really look forward to seeing all of your next vids! πŸ’–