Sewing a Genshin Jacket Pt2! #cosplay #sewing

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The white base of my Yelan jacket it done! How do you like my fabric choices? Really want to make this costume super pretty! Super excited to add all the details now!

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13 thoughts on “Sewing a Genshin Jacket Pt2! #cosplay #sewing

  1. Sewing is a super power. Do you ever find yourself staring at the seams and shapes of the outfits all the characters wear in the games you play and think about how you would make the pieces?
    Playing through FFXVI right now and every scene I'm staring at Clive's outfit, thinking, "I could make this…"

  2. You can avoid pretty much all the hand stitching when attaching the lining if you want.

    Make the lining in the same way, except leave a gap when sewing one of the side seams. Attach the lining to the jacket along all the edges with the sewing machine, with right sides together(basically inside-out) & understitch if you like(stitch the seam allowance to the lining about 1/8 inch away from the original seam). Pull the jacket right-side out thru the opening you left in the side seam. Iron all the seams so they lay nice & flat. Then, stitch the opening of the lining closed with your preferred method, by hand or machine.

    I'm very lazy about hand stitching, so I can do as little of it as possible in this way. Hope this made sense & helps in any way!✌🏼

  3. Man! Are you gonna do all my fav women from Genshin? Cause I think only Yelan can compete with Beidou in terms of coolness 😀 I'm looking forward to seeing you in this costume 🙂