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33 thoughts on “Ranking The Costumes In The Flash

  1. Best to worst

    1. The dark knight
    2. Flash (Keaton) Batman
    3. Batman forever 1.0
    4. Batman begins
    5. Keaton returns
    7.batfleck justice league
    8. Justice league tactical
    9. Adam west
    10.sonar forever
    11.THE BATMAN (2022)
    12.BVS classic
    14. BVS armored
    15. Batman & robin
    16.Batman & robin (cold/freeze)
    17. Batfleck FLASH suit

    Bonus suits from the flash, Keaton collection… all those were too good! But they were only seen in one second of the film! More or less… can’t take those seriously..
    but wish we saw them in action

  2. It's fine if you disagree but personally I really love the Motorcross Suit. I've been wanting a Blue and Grey Batsuit with short ears for YEARS and I like the idea of Batman having stripped down his JL suit for flexibility

  3. I'm gonna be honest and say the costuming department really dropped the ball on this one.

    5. Batfleck suit – his batsuits have progressively gotten worse since BvS. This suit looks very last minute as if they couldn't get their hands on the tactical suit for some reason. It also looks like they went in and touched up the cowl with cgi and it just looks odd.

    4. Barry's suit – overall I actually don't mind this suit. My only complaint is that he kind of looks like a bobble head.

    3. Supergirl – overall a good interpretation of Cavills suit, but agree that it should have some sort of boots, or shin guards with wrist bracers to help balance out the look

    2. Young Barry's suit – my favorite just because it is so cobbled together, but meant to look that way. It also serves the story and overall a fun design.

    1. Keatons batsuit – ooof, this was big misfire. Keatons face looks small in the cowl. The way they angled the jaw line on cowl is terrible (which i assume was to cover up Keatons aging face) and it gives him this weak chin. The overall design is fine, but the splines coming off the collar of the cowl are oddly placed and don't naturally curl over the shoulders. The giant shoulder pads are also goofy. You can also see his ab armor crumple at times and it makes the suit look cheap. The gauntlets are generic looking and the black panther style belt should've been kept yellow since this is Keatons suit, not Kilmers.

  4. For me the batfleck and main flash suit is bad, the other flash suit is bad but it makes sense and I understand why and the other suits are great

  5. The design of this Batfleck suit is aiite…..but fir as long as ive been watching/reading Batman I've just NEVER been a fan of the blue & gray. Someone did fanart of the suit in black & blue and it just looks so much better to me that way.

  6. Least favorite – Batfleck but the Flash is running close behind. It's kinda a shame that we got so many unique costumes but I felt let down by a lot of them. It's like they aren't afraid to make them look like superheroes but they are also making some choices.

    Batfleck suit – Man I have never hated a Batman suit before. It's competing with the batsuit from Gothams finale. It's just the first one was just perfect. I just wanted to see a non beat up version of it.

    The Flash – I have a love hate relationship with the cowl. I think the sides are too organic. Honestly the ZSJL Flash cowl was superior. I justed wanted to see a pro looking version of the ZSJL suit. Cleaned up, symmetrical. A proper hero suit. I feel the suits that need a ton of post for normal looking people probably shouldn't be approved. I think it could be tweaked to work if they didn't try to make it a onesie.

    Supergirl – I personally think it's the most successful suit. One that the actor can just walk around. I think they didn't go with red boots and gauntlets was to make it look unique. Otherwise it's Cavills suit but fitted for a woman.

    Flashpoint Barry – Hate it sadly but I appreciate how it ends up. I agree, I like the concept.

    Keaton – ……how do they make a ton of non used terrific Batman outfits and Affleck got that thing he had. The suit Keaton wore was fine. I feel visually they kinda gave up below the emblem.

  7. What the hell happened to Batflecks nose in that cowl? When I saw it I thought it looked mashed up and in this still it looks even worse…like the cowl was melting?!

  8. I agree with you on Affleck's costume. It looks like complete garbage. As you said it looks like he's wearing motocross armor rather then expensive higher tier combat armor with a bat theme. It's sad that Affleck looks like that as his last outing as Batman.

  9. I kind of like the batfleck suit in the movie most because of how practical it is I mean Batman's getting dragged around and if you was wearing the bvs suit he would have been skinned alive. Like yes the bvs suit is durable and bulletproof but I still feel like it would have been ripped to shreds if he was being dragged at the speeds he was in the movie.

  10. Sasha's suit was the best. It was simple and not over the top. The pattern was amazing as well once again simple. I liked the pattern and color scheme for Ezra's main suit the problem was it has too much Padding and his head looks way to big for his whole body. Keaton's suit is absolute shit. His neck when he moves looks like a wrinkly vagina. It's also disrespectful to the panther suit and desperately wants to be that classic suit and can't.

  11. I have to be honest, i really dig the new Flash suit, the texture looks amazing and in scenes like when hes in the phone call with his dad or in the multiverse chronobowl looks awesome

  12. I really liked the Ben Affleck Batman suit. Just one little thing…. Why does Batman appear in the most sunny day ever? This is the first time(as far as I can remember…) in movies that Batman appeared in direct sunlight. The suit would look so much better at night.

    Supergirl looked the bomb!

  13. Ben affleck Cow the noze is jacked they rushed to fast to make suit for the flash movie and they could have made other suits earlier if was going to be directing films i would have the suits earlier instead of being rushed because they are going to be looking very poorly made

  14. honestly, I'm not a fan of the main flash suit

    in some shots it makes him look puffy – when he leaves the coffee shop at the start of the film

    I preferred the Supergirl suit more than others