My Full Art the clown Cosplay Costume (Terrifier)

Welcome to my TikTok’s. They will be posted on my YouTube channel as well. If you can’t watch them on Tiktok, you can watch them here. Follow me on Tiktok if you do have one and leave a comment below of what you think of each video. ^_^

Credit : @immortalmasks @BDHorrorTrailersandClips @trickortreatstudios290

(I don’t own the rights to this sound).

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Sound : TikTok – Transgender – Slowed + Reverb

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7 thoughts on “My Full Art the clown Cosplay Costume (Terrifier)

  1. Imo around the eyes are WAY too exposed and the mask has too much wiggle room from the looks of it. I think for paying $700 they could do a much better job fitting this mask.