Miss Universe China National Costume (71st MISS UNIVERSE)

The 70th Miss Universe is Harnaaz Sandhu from India!

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31 thoughts on “Miss Universe China National Costume (71st MISS UNIVERSE)

  1. These, over billion Chinese women/females, need to be more attractive. They possibly are nice women/females, nice personalities, but they are not an attractive East Asian female/women variety. Obviously, they need to have a better looking face, a more curvy body, a more toned up body/legs, and also a bigger, rounder, curvier, ass. Including wider hips.

  2. Disappointing… I thought China could do way better than this. Just without any fantasy, boring also poor performance by the miss candidate

  3. I think her costume is a political one. The costume of the chinese empress and the russian royal costume , both in red. I think both countries were clear about their intentions. I suppose the help china is about to give to russian army was already in the works by the time this contest began and they officially announced their unity this way. Whatever… this will be the end to both of china and russia (I write them with small letters absolutely intentionally) – the world needs no empires anymore.

  4. Did Miss China have a Wardrobe Malfunction and decided to go with Plan B costume instead?
    Also, China should really consider displaying more earlier Hanfu influenced costumes at these types of competitions, because they are always the ones in outrage when the rest of the world only remembers as far back as Minguo era or Qing Dynasty costumes only. It's time to remind the world that Qipao's aren't everything.

  5. The clothing is similar to Chinese modern wedding dress. At the same time, it combines some characteristics of Ming Dynasty hanfu.
    Good job Miss China, we're so proud of you❤️