Miles Accidentally Creates The Spot | Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Bagel Guy Explained

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One of the reasons why The Spot actually starts to become a really interesting villain in Across the Spider-verse, is his ties to Miles Morales and the way tht this is all personal for him. The Spot doesn’t start off seeking out Miles, but once they meet he’s quick to remind Miles that Miles was actually the one who created the Spot, in the original Into the Spider-Verse movie. During that movie we saw Miles and Peter trying to get something from an Alchemx Lab in Universe 42, where they eventually have a bit of a fight against that universes Doctor Octopus, however in the middle of the scramble as Miles is escaping he hits a man named Dr. Jonathan Ohnn with a bagel right in the face. Later in the first movie when Miles blows up the giant Super Collider, Dr. Ohnn is in the lab trying to grab a piece of tech and stop the collider failure however everything goes up in smoke anyway and the piece that he was holding fuses with his body in a strange way ultimately covering him in a spots that he can use to open portals in space and time that even travel to other dimensions, making this Villain’s existence all Miles’ fault, but it goes both ways.

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28 thoughts on “Miles Accidentally Creates The Spot | Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Bagel Guy Explained

  1. The White Dragon isn’t a person, it’s a title.
    I did some research and it turns out the White Dragon in the comics is named “William Heller” not Auggie Smith, William was a conservative before his parents were killed in a race riot. after both parents died he stayed with his Grandfather which sided with the Nazi’s. Pretty much William became a flat out racist. so I do think Gunn will bring back the character in the future of the DCU or in Peacemaker S2.

  2. If anything didn't the spot create himself? Since he Basically summoned the spider which made miles Morales Which created this chain of events

  3. specifically
    if anything,
    this is all his fault for helping Kingpin with the collider.
    the second he started tampering with the multiverse to help Kingpin bring his family back, he himself help bring the radioactive spider from the universe 42.
    that's why there is no Spiderman to defend that universe.
    which makes Miles the one who is misunderstood.
    it goes all ways with them.
    Miguel, Miles, and The Spot.
    but personally
    The Spot is the responsible one for letting all of this happen.
    like the phrase "actions come with consequences"
    now it's about redirecting the blame for your lack of accountability.
    the end. LOL