Margot Robbie’s Uncomfortable Harley Quinn Costume Struggles #harleyquinn #dc #joker

Explore the challenges faced by Margot Robbie while wearing a revealing and uncomfortable costume as Harley Quinn, and her efforts to find a practical solution.
#shorts #short #harleyquinn #margotrobbie #dc #joker

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38 thoughts on “Margot Robbie’s Uncomfortable Harley Quinn Costume Struggles #harleyquinn #dc #joker

  1. Ummm enjoys playing harley is not what she means to say i guess this explains (i mean othervthan the fact the 2nd suicide squade had woke garbage shoved in) why the 2nd suicide squade film wasn't as good as the first cuz what she means to say is she likes ruining the character part of Harleys character is that she is incredibly promiscuous guess it's time to fire her and replace her with alexa bliss (provided vince is still letting top talent work outside the wwe which he might not at this point)

  2. Why did this video at the beginning call Margot a he?… That's looks like a real female to me. That better be a real female, because I like what I see and I'm not gay.

  3. Also, with how short those short were, I doubt running in them wouldve been comfortable. Hell, I can imagine how many takes were made cuz of wardrobe malfunction

  4. She got mass of shitty costumes in movies ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ
    "Daddys monster" looks extrely cheap because of this stupid sequins. Others by same reason. Neither looks like a "superhero", or fighter or modern, or pastiche or canonic. Most okay look is red dress from The Suicide Squad 2 and flickering for a sec burgundy "die clown"