Making Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Costume!

Adam visits FBFX, the specialty costume makers that fabricated the hero and stunt suits for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight show. Bex Elley, FBFX’s Head of Soft Costume, walks Adam through the journey of making the Moon Knight suit, and explains the ways she and her team collaborated with costume designer Meghan Kasperlik to layer in all the intricate details that woven throughout this incredible piece!

Moon Knight costume designed by Meghan Kasperlik
Moon Knight costume made by FBFX. Learn more about FBFX’s work at

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
Music by Jinglepunks
Additional footage courtesy FBFX and Marvel Studios

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21 thoughts on “Making Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Costume!

  1. I can only think of one word to describe all this work: LOVE. Love for the character, for the storytelling, for the mystery, for the built narrative, literally INGRAINED into the suit

  2. The subtle jabs at Disney when they allude to not having a lot of time to work on this costume.

    So much detail and yet a lot of the times they used CGI and it looked so BLEH in comparison.

  3. It's pretty crazy the amount of work they put into the costume. Must've been awesome for the stuntmen to see such an intricate costume that's not all constricted and a pain.