Making Elsa’s Winter Dress! Olaf’s Frozen Adventure | Disney Princess Frozen Cosplay Costume Sewing

I got tickets to the Ice Castles, and decided to make an icy cosplay to wear while I was there! Queen Elsa of Arendelle is the Iciest queen I could think of AND the outfit that Elsa wears in the Disney Short “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” is by far my favorite Elsa ensemble! I already had the blue velvet in my stash, so I just needed a few more things to put the whole look together!

This is “Part 1” of a 3 part series. Part 2 will be *The Cape* and Part three will be *The Wig* and a little vlog adventure from the Ice castle shoot!

The Blue velvet from
The White fur is from Hobby Lobby
Silver Trim is from Amazon
Big gems are from Amazon
Small gems are Swarovski Crystals
Free motion quilting foot:

00:00 Intro
01:05 The Dress
02:26 The pattern
04:43 cutting the pattern
06:35 Cutting the Fabric
07:17 Procrastination
08:04 Costume Witchcraft
08:56 Sewing the dress
10:37 Adding the Trim
13:43 The White fur
16:17 the corset dilemma
16:45 Cutting the Sleeves
17:23 Lace Appliqué
19:09 Adding the Sparkles
22:29 Conclusion
23:32 The Final Dress

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TikTok: Alexandria_Layne

All music came from epidemic sound

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34 thoughts on “Making Elsa’s Winter Dress! Olaf’s Frozen Adventure | Disney Princess Frozen Cosplay Costume Sewing

  1. Gurl you need a viking like mine it drops the needle and lifts the presser foot on its own when you remove your foot from the peddle (if you select that mode) so you can pivot without having to lift the presser foot! Best investment I have ever made in my costuming business!!!!!!

  2. You have to kinda be a company for swarvoski crystals or know a nail tech. Also you can get dupes or no name crystals at micheals craft store. They sell them in the same amounts and colors. S crystal is just no longer doing the diy market.

  3. I think you're the only person I've ever heard call a yardstick a "measuring stick" which is actually more accurate…. But no one says that.

  4. I know it's too late lol, but when I need to use a commercial pattern, at least for smaller pieces, I tend to actually glue it to a sturdier paper before cutting it out fully. I roughly cut it out, then glue it, then cut it out properly, just to try and preserve the pattern

  5. Since you can buy single packs of Swarovski here, it might be the store who decides to sell them in multiple packs, so a different store might still sell in singular packs.
    Though I’m in Japan so it might also be related to country policy.

  6. The reason you can't buy Swarovski Crystals like you used to anymore is because Swarovski decided to do a rebrand. They want to be known as high end so they're focusing on making jewelry and working with luxury brands. In fact, Swarovski is only allowing luxury brands to buy their products. It's really upsetting but they don't want to be associated with hobbyist anymore because they believe that it'll make their brand look cheap. It's quite ironic being that they're just glass; not even real gems.

    If you still want to buy crystals similar to Swarovski crystals, there is a company that basically took the place Swarovski at craft stores when they decided to discontinue their DIY Crystals. It' called Crystals by Preciosa. The crystals are still made of glass and come in a variety of shapes and colors etc. They're also similar in price. I hope this helps!!!

  7. Swarovski, has made a major push to exclusivity and has been pulling stines from"unworthy" stores. I work at a Hallmark and they pulled our sellers license and that really screwing our sales over.

  8. The best thing I have find is to use freezer paper and iron. Then To the pattern’s piece Strengthens to pieces and you can reuse then without breaking hope this helps

  9. Using fur from hobby lobby……. noooooooooooooo
    For good fur, I HIGHLY recommend you go for HowlFabric or BigZ fabrics
    The fur is fuller, softer, easier to work with, has no clumps and sheds very little.

    I'm a fursuit maker, I know what I'm saying XD

  10. Girl, this video is so good! I love this costume and how you show us the process. I can so relate to that waatching tiktoks for 30 minutes instead of cooking. 😂

  11. Swarovski apparently wanted to raise they're image, so they only sell to designers and such. Because apparently selling through craft stores was tarnishing their reputation.

  12. 4:10 “this TRAIN has left the station” we love a good pun 😂

    Also, randomly found you on my homepage, and I love that your videos are so well-made! I’m excited to watch your older content too.