I’m Just Going To Get One… #fursuitmaker #fursuit #cosplay #costume

I made these costumes myself. Subscribe if you want to know how.
Make sure to check my other sites in case you have questions about commissions, materials/tools, etc. https://linktr.ee/Mugiwaracosplay

Sound is from Tiktok, it’s not my voice

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29 thoughts on “I’m Just Going To Get One… #fursuitmaker #fursuit #cosplay #costume

  1. I’ve seen that skulldog so many times but never knew who made it/who the owner was. Now I know the answer to both of those questions and all of your other fursuits are beautiful. I’m definitely going to watch all of your other videos now.

  2. I wonder how so many furries have a shitton of money lmao. Like I get that he’s the one making the costumes, but that’s still expensive, not to mention time consuming.

  3. I have a similar thing I think I like making masks and that stuff and I thought you know I will just make one and now I have a lot and what is stoping me from making more is I don’t have this one material so I can’t make more