I Made the Mirror Mirror Snow White Dress after EIGHT MONTHS?! Disney Princess Cosplay Costume DIY

The fact that I’ve been hoarding this fabric for EIGHT MONTHS makes it all the more better that it turned out fantastic!

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25 thoughts on “I Made the Mirror Mirror Snow White Dress after EIGHT MONTHS?! Disney Princess Cosplay Costume DIY

  1. If you like the costumes in this movie, you should check out The Fall! The director and costume designer are the same as Mirror Mirror's, and I think it's one of the prettiest films out there, too, check it out!

  2. Wow that is a gorgeous dress
    Mirror Mirror is one of my favourite films and the dress is my favourite of all time
    You have made something lily collins and eiko ishioka would be proud of❤

  3. Love your videos- I feel like i'm living through you wearing the princess dresses <3 Just wondering where your green top is from near the end of the video! Thanks!

  4. I've been planning to make this dress but in spandex and neoprene for a more flexible feeling since I feel claustrophobic in non stretchy fabric clothes especially with little ease. I've bought lots of yellow floral printed spandex but I've still yet to pick one of them as my print and I bought so much of all of them that I could make a matching 18th century gown to go over them to make a historical version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

  5. Beautiful dress!! For future reference, I work in formal alterations on wedding dresses and prom dresses; if you want to get blood out of your fabric, a little bit of peroxide on a Qtip will work!

    You just want to dab it, not rub it so the blood won’t run into your fabric 🙂