How to Make Superhero Chest Armor – Free Foam Templates – Red Hood Batman Cosplay – Part 1

How to Make Superhero chest armor out of Foam! I really wanted to have a generic chest armor template available so that people could customize it to make a variety of different characters like Batman, Gambit, Wolverine, and of course Red Hood. This chest armor is setup into modular pieces that can easily be customized to fit each individual maker. I do have free PDF templates of the chest armor available on my website if you’d like to make your own. In part 2 I will continue this build using panels for the back.

*** To Print Read This ****
To print the templates open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader (free version) then click “poster” in the page size settings that will scale the PDF properly over multiple sheets regardless of where you live or your paper size.

If you are purchasing my HD-Foam from Blick Art Materials please go through my website or these links first because I do receive a small vendor affiliate. Those affiliate clicks allow me to continue to create more instructional videos and fabrication tutorials for our awesome Cosplay Community.
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41 thoughts on “How to Make Superhero Chest Armor – Free Foam Templates – Red Hood Batman Cosplay – Part 1

  1. Hi! Incredible work, I cannot wait to create this for myself! Also, I was wondering if you can make a batman-like shoulder armor tutorial that connects to the chest plate?

  2. Suuuure wish you had the Red Hood helmet template to go with it lol it's my current build. and using this template for the chest and back. it's AMAZING!!!!

  3. Question:
    I'm wanting to cosplay the white Spiderman 2099 suit and wanted to know if you'd recommend your foam be used as the red armor details? Definitely don't want just a simple flat looking flexsuit😅

  4. hi SKS Props
    I wanted to ask you a question.
    I see that both in the video and in the pdf, you express yourself in millimeters (mm).
    I wanted to know, the conversion in centimeters (cm) of how much it was, because I can not understand.
    A thousand thanks.

  5. Proof that everything listens lmao I told my girlfriend I wanted to cosplay as red hood and this was what came up first when I looked up how to make chest armor

  6. This video has been remarkably helpful, thank you so much. I do have 1 question though, what size paper should I use for the templates, because if I use A4 paper, I worry that it might be too small

  7. Wondering if anyone can point to a good trade show or con to go to for templates, fabrics, sewing supplies or other cosplay making supplies and ideas.

  8. Very nice work! How do you advise going about this if you wanted the piece much smaller overall. I’ve been wanting to make something for my 4 year old.

  9. Hello Sir! I wanted to tell you that I admire your work and the effort you put into these "constructions".

    Recently I also got an attraction for this work.

    If possible, a template for a bear mask(realistic one)?