How To Make SCARY WEREWOLF Costume

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Werewolf Mask

Werewolf chest and arms

Werewolf feet

Werewolf pants

Werewolf gloves

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33 thoughts on “How To Make SCARY WEREWOLF Costume

  1. I made 1 specifically for this tutorial because I wanted to try it out and I did like a medium large Because I'm a medium large wells because I'm a grown kid you could see

  2. Quite nice, but my I suggest using the blood moon werewolf mask? It's made by the same company and it's better at hiding the performer's profile, and the back of the neck (if your viewers COULD see the back, but the mask you use does have a spilt, while the blood moon werewolf mask is fully connected, if you understand what this part means) plus, I have the blood moon werewolf mask, and I love it. You may not read this, but I just want to say something that was on my mind ever since I first found this channel. K bye.

  3. Hey y'all! My son Jace finally asked me to comment and let you guys know he absolutely idolizes you guys he loves your videos he looks forward to them every week! My favorite of course is CC 🤷 lol Anyways he would absolutely love to get a tag for himself! Thank y'all so much for your awesome videos! From your number #1 FAN JACE 💖