Ghostface Cosplay Guide for SCREAM VI

#ScreamVI #Ghostface

It’s a fun little video with a cosplay guide to the look of Ghostface from the upcoming Scream VI!

Thank you to the Ghostface and Scream Enthusiasts Facebook Group:
Buck 639 info sourced from Dominic Gutierrez


Robe: @screamrobes

Knife: Buck 120/ Buck 639

Zombie Style Ghostface mask:

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33 thoughts on “Ghostface Cosplay Guide for SCREAM VI

  1. Chris this is important, were you in a amity affliction music video? I’m almost 100% that you were a policeman in the ‘Feels Like I’m Dying’ music video. Please respond I gotta know

  2. Might be Scream blasphemy but I would upgrade the knife to the SOG Creed ( the shiny blade version). Discontinued so it’s a bit harder to find. Think it would suit Ghostface perfectly.

  3. Hello cosplay Chris. I have a question regarding the 25th Anniversary Sparkle Ghostface robe. Last year I used it as my Halloween costume with a Standard EU Ghostface Mask, (not the bib version that’s included with the 25th Anniversary Robe).

    After using the robe for a while, I noticed my mask started to have blue/purple spots on the chin and on the tip of the nose, it’s not like completely infected, there’s just little signs of spots that’s it. I’ve also heard rumors that the fabric of the 25th robe can cause blue spots on any of your Ghostface Masks.

    I wanted to reach out so I can get some opinions/knowledge from people about this!

    I love your videos and I’m looking forward to seeing your custom made Scream 6 Aged Mask!

  4. Be careful! Apparently the killer(s)? we're just leaked and a**holes are already spoiling it in comment sections online. I managed to click away before I saw any names but just wanted to warn fans to be weary of Scream related content until they can see the film for themselves.