DON’T Use These 5 Materials For Fursuits #fursuitmaker #costume #fursuit #cosplay

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41 thoughts on “DON’T Use These 5 Materials For Fursuits #fursuitmaker #costume #fursuit #cosplay

  1. Thanks for the info! I do have a bit of styrofoam on my head but it's just a detail and it's painted so I'm not too worried (the character has a gem on their forehead made out of styrofoam)

  2. I purchased a head off fur buys years ago was plaster. One person bumped into my snout and it shattered the bace all over my face and not only was I already all cut up but to take it off since not a zipper back was carving my face more it was 3 years before FNAF came out and there was so much blood could have been a spring lock suit malfunction. The head can't be fixed so she is just display on the wall like a hunting trophy. A vary expensive one at that

  3. Also, with styrofoam, your fursuit could become napalm with some people using car oil on fursuits (This actually happened recently in my local area, someone used styrofoam and next thing you know, they were wearing napalm)

  4. Use bed mattresses for the best making. Idk how many springs and bolts you can fit in there, but don’t make it look like Freddy fazbear (or or or-or or or or-or 0r-or or or or-or or .r or-or) My man not purple guy.