DIY Aticulated Wings Tutorial! (Controlled by Hands)

How to make beautiful hand-controlled realistic articulated wings with feathers.
It took me a lot of work but I think it was worth it and I finally managed to finish a Tutorial about it! I really hope you like it, so let me know if you do. Thanks bye


best cosplay costume.
A3 Matt Clear (frosted) Polypropylene Plastic Sheet 0.5mm

Bones first version:
I’m not entirely sure about this because I got this material for free as excess scraps from large format printing at our school. But I think it could be KAPA foam board.

Bones final version:
Aluminium profiles

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22 thoughts on “DIY Aticulated Wings Tutorial! (Controlled by Hands)

  1. Speaking of blinds… do you think you can use two of the grippy rollers they use for blinds to lock the wings in a fixed position? That way you dont have to be pulling on the strings all the time 🤔

  2. Hi! This is so amazing and I am hoping to make a version for myself! Do you by chance have the dimension of each piece that you used? Thanks!

  3. thank you for this tutorial! I love the fact that the highest part of the wings when folded are at the same level as your shoulder line, so the wings could technically be hidden behind your back, or under a cape if you wanted. I'll study this video more slowly and see if I can make something similar but with bat/dragon wings <3

  4. What did you use for the joints on your first prototype? I’m planning to make my feathers out of a really really light material, so I figured I could get away with using some EVA foam for the base, but I’m unsure of what to use for the joints.

  5. Bonjour, où avez-vous acheter le plastique rigide pour faire les plumes svp ? et les plaques blanches ? si vous avez les liens pour le matériel ça serait encore mieux
    cordialement corinne

  6. Hallo original beast, these wings are stunning!!❤ Do you have more info/pictures how you made the single feathers? Not only the material, but how you cut and attached them ? My daughter and I would be very grateful 🙏❤️🥰

  7. I once made a raven black variation of this, yet not nearly as neat as this! Love it and you made me want to make those again for my festival 😀