Chun-Li’s Nostalgia Costume Looks Amazing in Street Fighter 6

Today I showcase a mod in Street Fighter 6 that gives Chun-Li her costume from the Street Fighter Alpha Series in SFV it was known as her Nostalgia Costume and man does it look really good in SF6 I really hope Capcom takes all the classic and nostalgia costumes and remasters them all for the returning characters.


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18 thoughts on “Chun-Li’s Nostalgia Costume Looks Amazing in Street Fighter 6

  1. I wish they would change her spinning kick animation already. They did in the street fighter anime were she spins on her palms and it looked sooo good, so even though she looks great in this version the move still looks off to me

  2. Enjoying Chun so much in SF6.She is the OG Waifu for me. So glad I have this game for PC to enjoy all the amazing Mods for it like this one.