BEACH BARBIE! (making Margot Robbie’s costume from Barbie the Movie 2023)

Hey friends! I hope you enjoy my latest Barbie the Movie cosplay, this was so fun to make and I love how it came out. Stay tuned for the next costume using this same fabric, the “Perfect Day” longer version. Can’t wait to see what other Barbie looks Margot Robbie will be wearing in the upcoming movie!

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18 thoughts on “BEACH BARBIE! (making Margot Robbie’s costume from Barbie the Movie 2023)

  1. Hi Barbie! Could you please elaborate on when you say sewing the circles on the sunhat brim broke your sewing machine…because I just got a brand new Juki and I was gonna do this very thing you mention 😂😅

    PS: THANK YOU for sharing all your Barbie energy with the Barbie era people 💕🫶🏻

  2. EARLY! Love this, and Im so amazed on how accurate your barbie movie cosplays are.l I was wondering if you can make one of her blue outfits(if you dont have any cosplay plans), theres this one with a blue skirt and white collar. I have a leaked clip of the movie of her in that outfit, i can send it to you through instagram maybe?