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The Fast & Furious franchise is notable for casting several actors and actresses at the relative start of their careers that later went on to become Hollywood powerhouses (who can forget Gal Gadot, who later became none other than Wonder Woman herself?). Speaking to Amy Adams for Variety’s Actors on Actors YouTube series in 2016 Garfield described himself as being left “heartbroken” by his experience on working on The Amazing Spider-Man films. Ever After High. December 11, 2015. Retrieved April 12, 2016 – via YouTube. Mendes played April Mercedes, and looked as beautiful and charming as always, delivering a funny and light-hearted performance that perfectly matched her look. We particularly enjoy the addition of the small details – the stud earring and the necklace elevate an already incredible look. It’s not only red like the color of her blood that the Baroness callously drew but also red like the stone in Estella’s mother’s necklace.

And though the war armor’s silhouette stayed the same, Jenkins did request that the color be brightened and the material be given more depth. I worked to subtly shift the color palette to support each musical number, and evolve our characters as they get closer towards achieving their dreams. Playing Iris, Winslet travels to Los Angeles where she tries to get over a man who doesn’t love her. There’s a whole list of dresses that Winslet wears as the dressmaker Tilly, but the best is undoubtedly this red number that makes her stand out like a sore thumb in her simple little country town. We probably all know this versatile and incredible actor as America’s best Avenger, but, in fact, he’s a lot more than Captain America. In fact, the audience cheers for Cruella to get payback against the Baroness in this climactic scene. After the Baroness is arrested, Cruella makes her grand return wearing a marvelous patent leather and silk design that coordinates perfectly with her hair to reveal to the public she was not dead in the climax of Cruella.

The costume design departments never seem to put Eva in over the top ensembles, going instead for more subtle pieces and colors. It’s the stalwart blue, red-and-gold sartorial standard look of Wonder Woman, though Hemming’s design for the 2017 film is thankfully higher on the chest and lower on the legs than the overly revealing bodice worn by Lynda Carter in the 1970s television version of the comic book series. Honestly, this elegant and handsome sweater should be a standard for all winter wardrobes, and we would definitely steal this for our own closet. Charade is the Hepburn movie to watch for inspirational outerwear: in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she has only one winter coat. In this particular movie, Eva Mendes played the role of a mistress to Ryan’s husband (who is never seen in the movie). Here, Eva was all black and no-nonsense. Also grab four pairs of black knee socks, thigh-highs or tights, which you can also find at American Apparel. For example, in some Native American cultures, the raven is considered the wisest of birds; it even has the ability to speak.

Journal of American Folklore. Diving into Cruella’s backstory, these earlier outfits show that fashion was always a passion of hers even if she didn’t always have the means to be a part of the rich fashion world. This outfit is from one of Chris’s newest flicks, The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019). Honestly, we’d probably go just about anywhere with Chris in this outfit, and we’re definitely taking notes for our next shopping trip. Eva Mendes was one of those actresses. In a movie that included stars like Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, and Johnny Depp, Eva Mendes still made quite the impression as Ajedrez in the 2003 action thriller Once Upon A Time in Mexico. Eva shined bright amongst her co-stars, thanks to her wonderful performance, which was topped of with beautiful outfits. Honestly, you’re going to see more outfits from this movie on this list, because his entire wardrobe from this flick is absolute goals. Another movie with a few incredible looks is Playing It Cool (2014). You can find Chris Evans as the boyfriend-you’ve-always-wanted in this romantic comedy, and we kind of wish every man we knew dressed like his character does. This was one of Eva’s looks for the 2003 comedy Stuck On You, starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear.

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