Anime Expo 2023 – Cosplay Music Video

Anime Expo is the largest Anime Convention in North America, it takes place in Los Angeles every July.

Photos and Video Shot by the amazing DTJAAAAM
Editing by Justin Cosplay

cosplayers in Thumbnail
Bowser Jr @kytxiacapiz
Korork @jessicanigri
Cammy @JennaLynnMeowri

Music I use (get 2 months free) –
Gear I used –

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41 thoughts on “Anime Expo 2023 – Cosplay Music Video

  1. Man, I Most Absolutely enjoyed watching this Incredibly Awesome CMV of Anime Expo 2023

    For Sure, each and every single one of these people look Amazingly Great in their own Amazing cosplays right there

    Sadly I couldn't attend AX this year and that really, Really sucks for me

    But I Most Absolutely will go next year, for Sure!!!!!